Need some Halloween costume ideas for couples? Look no further

With Halloween just around the corner, it is probable that quite a few of us are stressing out a wee bit over a lack of a costume to celebrate this phenomenal occasion. Halloween costumes can be tricky because, speaking from experience, it can be rather challenging to come up with a creative and unique idea that people will be able to understand. Sure, you might have a wicked idea in mind for a couples costume inspired by one of your favourite video games, but if the game in question isn’t overly popular, there is a strong chance you’re going to be feeling really awkward when no one can figure out what the hell your costume is supposed to be. And, there’s nothing worse than being repeatedly asked what you’re supposed to be when you’re under the impression it is blatantly obvious.

I thought I would do some brainstorming for some couples costumes to share with anyone hoping to figure something out before Halloween arrives, and the majority of these can be homemade with a dash of creativity. Check it out.

  • Peanut butter and jelly – one person wears all yellow-orange with a sign on them saying peanut butter, and the other person wears all purple with a sign on them saying jam
  • A knife and a fork
  • Honey and a bee
  • A lumberjack and a piece of wood, or a lumberjack and an axe
  • A Viking and a Shieldmaiden
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Soap and a loofah
  • Sandy and Danny from Grease
  • Green with envy – one person wears all green while the other wears a white shirt that says ‘envy’
  • The twin girls from The Shining
  • Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane
  • Zombies
  • Jack-o-lanterns

These are some ideas I was able to come up with after a slight bit of pondering, so if I can come up with ideas, you certainly can, too. See what you’ve got lying around the house and figure out how to transform it into a costume.

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