The reality of being a young woman in today’s world

While rather sad, and further disturbing, I am willing to bet money that the majority of women on planet Earth have been in a situation in which a man made them feel uncomfortable. And, no, this is not a man-hating post, nor is it intended to convey any sort of message that all men are pigs or creeps, because this simply isn’t the case and that would be a seriously flawed generalization. This post is referring to males who are, in fact, pigs and/or creeps.

Twice in the past two months, I have had extremely unsettling and uncomfortable situations with men while grocery shopping.

Fucking grocery shopping, people.

The first occasion involved three men watching me from different corners of the parking lot as I approached my truck. I noticed these guys were watching me, so before I got to my truck, I looked to see if anyone was hanging around it. Sure enough, there was a man sitting on the guardrail on the driver-side door of my truck, and had I not stopped and paid attention to what was happening, I more than likely would have walked over to get into my truck and been attacked, or God knows what else. I deliberately decided to go into another store and prayed that these fucks would be gone, and thankfully, by the time I came back out, they were.

The second incident involved a man who appeared to be very strung out on drugs or some other substance. He spotted me at the front of the store and proceeded to turn up in just about every aisle I entered. It got to the point that this guy was following me down every aisle I went into with the space between him and I shortening after each new aisle. I made it to the freezer department when I noticed three grocery store male employees were watching this guy, and also me. I informed the one worker that this guy was following me, and he responded that he was aware and that was why he and two others were there watching. The creep, at one point, got so close to me I had to press myself into the freezer door to avoid him touching me until I was able to put some space between us, thanks to the assistance of the store employees and other good samaritans.

It’s really unsettling being a woman in today’s world, and I can only wonder how much worse it is going to get. Stay safe, ladies, and always look out for one another.

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