The reality of being a young woman in today’s world

While rather sad, and further disturbing, I am willing to bet money that the majority of women on planet Earth have been in a situation in which a man made them feel uncomfortable. And, no, this is not a man-hating post, nor is it intended to convey any sort of message that all men are … More The reality of being a young woman in today’s world

The importance of understanding what is creepy and what is a compliment

The day and age we find ourselves living in is a rather complicated and confusing one. Never before have we as a society been faced with such a likelihood of saying or doing something that has the potential to offend someone, and it can be difficult to distinguish what is socially acceptable and what isn’t … More The importance of understanding what is creepy and what is a compliment

Way to go, Gillette

A new commercial from Gillette, a well-known men’s hygiene company, is creating quite a stir across social media platforms as of late. The advertisement, titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” is a short-film style commercial that makes reference to patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and the #MeToo movement regarding non-consensual sexual harassment, assault, and violence. … More Way to go, Gillette

Brock University controversy

Brock University, and former professor, David Schimmelpenninck, have caused quite a stir as of late. Schimmelpenninck encountered scrutiny in 2016 when a CBC news investigation revealed that “Brock had warned a former student to keep quiet about an internal investigation that determined Schimmelpenninck gave her alcohol and tried to force himself on her sexually,” a Monday CBC article … More Brock University controversy

Addressing sexual assault amongst elders

An article posted on The Conversation addresses a difficult topic to tackle; sexual abuse and assault towards elderly people, specifically women. A disheartening topic for sure, but also one that demands recognition and acknowledgement in hopes of preventing these occurrences from occurring. The article outlines research that was published in Legal Medicine that looked at 28 forensic medical … More Addressing sexual assault amongst elders

Kavanaugh vs. Blasey Ford aftermath

Remember the whole Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford situation in which Blasey Ford, despite her decision to come forward with her sexual assault testimony against Kavanaugh, was silenced by Kavanaugh’s successful entry to the Supreme Court? After Kavanaugh was voted into the Supreme Court, Blasey Ford began to encounter harassment and death threats for her … More Kavanaugh vs. Blasey Ford aftermath

A rise in reports of sexual assault

“Statistics Canada says police-reported sexual assault cases went from 59 per day to 74 in three months.” This statement comes from a CBC article released Thursday. The article explains that despite a spike in reported assaults, an increase in criminal charges hasn’t occurred. “After sexual assault allegations against movie executive Harvey Weinstein first surfaced in October 2017 … More A rise in reports of sexual assault