A rise in reports of sexual assault

“Statistics Canada says police-reported sexual assault cases went from 59 per day to 74 in three months.”

This statement comes from a CBC article released Thursday. The article explains that despite a spike in reported assaults, an increase in criminal charges hasn’t occurred.

“After sexual assault allegations against movie executive Harvey Weinstein first surfaced in October 2017 and kicked off a global anti-sexual assault campaign, the average number of police-reported sexual assault cases went from 59 per day to 74 per day, according to a new Statistics Canada report published Thursday.

“That accounts for a 25 per cent increase in the three months after the hashtag #MeToo first went viral — October to December 2017.”

These article excerpts, to me, are a sign of hope.

The statistics suggest that the #MeToo movement really did have a tremendous impact on victims of sexual assault, and encouraged them to come forward with their truth in hopes of sparking a positive change.

Based on this CBC article, their choice to come forward wasn’t wasted.

There have been mixed opinions and much controversy towards the#MeToo movement and the societal impact it had, neither of which I am going to get into. I will, however, be blatant in saying that the #MeToo movement was a necessary building block in the foundation of justice for assault victims, both in Canada and globally.

Openly expressing and detailing the incredibly private and sensitive details of an assault situation requires significant courage, especially when there is a chance your claims will be doubted. However, for many women, doubt was a chance worth taking in advocating for those whose voices have been overwhelmed and oppressed in the judicial system.

The increase in reported sexual assaults serves as an indication that the choices made by brave individuals to come forward with their truths was warranted and necessary for progress.


Photo credit: <a href=”https://visualhunt.com/author2/009ab3″>Jeanne Menjoulet</a> on <a href=”https://visualhunt.com/re2/c244b1a2″>Visualhunt</a&gt; / <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/”&gt; CC BY</a>



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