It really is okay to cry

How often, when you were growing up, did you encounter people telling you to stop crying, or to suck it up?

I certainly did. I would think most of us did, and still do, and further that we hear this statement from a variety of different individuals, whether they be family, friends or partners.

What I have realized over the years, though, is that it is perfectly okay to cry.

Yes, believe it or not, sometimes brawling like a complete baby is the best thing for us.

I don’t have any evidence to support my claim, and I am saying this strictly based on personal opinion.

When I am feeling particularly overwhelmed or distraught by something, I find that the longer I hold in my tears, the worse I feel.

I’m not suggesting that crying over every single inconvenience in our lives is the best thing, either. But certain situations warrant tears, and when those situations arise, let those tears fall, folks.

Perhaps there is some sort of scientific evidence that supports my opinion, but whenever I have a solid, messy, snotty, ugly, wet cry, I almost always feel better after. Granted, sometimes I get a headache and my eyes swell up if I cry excessively hard, but for the most part, I feel a bit of an emotional release after crying, if that makes sense.

I’m not sure why we are always told to suck it up and to stop crying (because God forbid if some water springs out of our eyes). Perhaps it has to do with the concept of masculinity and heteronormativity and being ‘tough,’ but either way, I think refusing to allow oneself to cry is both unhealthy and stupid.

Again, this is merely my own opinion. But, next time you feel the tears brimming in your eye-sockets, take a chance and let them splash down onto your cheeks. See what happens.

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