Kavanaugh vs. Blasey Ford aftermath

Remember the whole Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford situation in which Blasey Ford, despite her decision to come forward with her sexual assault testimony against Kavanaugh, was silenced by Kavanaugh’s successful entry to the Supreme Court?

After Kavanaugh was voted into the Supreme Court, Blasey Ford began to encounter harassment and death threats for her choosing to share her situation with the world, in hopes of making a positive difference.

She is still encountering harassment and death threats today, said an NPR article.

The article says that Blasey Ford “has had to move four times … (and) has had to pay for a private security detail. She hasn’t been able to return to her job as a professor at Palo Alto University. A spokeswoman for the school did not respond to a question about whether there was a timeline for Ford to return.”

Two separate Go Fund Me campaigns were launched during Blasey Ford’s testimony to the Supreme Court, one of which raised $641,760.00 and continues to grow.

I’ve been reading some reports of disapproval that Blasey Ford is to receive such a tremendous amount of money, considering she is supposedly wealthy to begin with due to her and her husband’s involvement in real estate.

Blasey Ford posted the following message on the go Fund Me page linked above:

“The costs for security, housing, transportation and other related expenses are much higher than we anticipated and they do not show signs of letting up. Funds received via this account will be used to help us pay for these mounting expenses.”

I read one comment about how there are thousands of other victims of sexual assault who are not in a financial situation that is comparable to that of Blasey Ford who would benefit from the funding far more than she.

Blasey Ford has said that whatever funding is left over after her expenses are paid for will be donated to sexual assault support organizations.

Tom Williams/Pool/Getty Images photo

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