Consider a Secret Santa gift exchange for Christmas this year

If you, like me, come from a large family, you’re probably familiar with the stress and cost of purchasing Christmas gifts for everyone.

I realize Christmas gift giving and receiving is not an essential component of Christmas, and I recognize it is a privilege. I’m not trying to come across as insensitive or out of touch or anything like that. Rather, I’m discussing an issue that often rears its head around the holidays; trying to figure out how to provide everyone with thoughtful gifts without blowing the bank.

A few years back, one of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family recommended us cousins participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange as opposed to buying gifts for everyone. My cousins and I are all older now, and there aren’t any young children on my dad’s side as of yet, so we all agreed it was a great idea. The following year, I suggested doing the same with my mom’s side of the family, and we have stuck with it ever since.

If you’re thinking to yourself what the fuck is a Secret Santa gift exchange, I assure you it isn’t anything complicated. A Secret Santa gift exchange involves however many participants drawing a name of a person and being responsible for getting this particular person a gift without revealing the name you drew. You can either write names down on paper and throw them into a hat to draw them, or you can use an online generator, which is what I prefer doing. It operates via email and is quite simple and straightforward.

Personally, I think Secret Santa gift exchanges are a fantastic alternative to traditional gift-giving in the sense it cuts costs down significantly, and because you’re only buying for one person as opposed to 10 or however many, you’re able to put more time and effort into the gift to ensure it is as genuine as possible.

It might be worth implementing a Secret Santa gift exchange within your own family this holiday season.

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