Here’s why you need to follow Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram

If I had to choose a social media platform I favour over others, it would be Instagram. I’m not sure if this preference stems from my love for photography, or the fact that I’ve always appreciated visuals, but either way, Instagram is pretty neat. I was browsing through the Explore section on Instagram about a … More Here’s why you need to follow Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram

Purging emotion through creativity

Feeling overwhelmed isn’t exactly a pleasant feeling. Depending on the context of what’s causing you to feel inundated with stress, sometimes it can feel like we’re drowning in our own thoughts, unable to designate clarity. Feeling overwhelmed isn’t a permanent state of mind, though. In fact, there’s several ways to go about ridding our minds … More Purging emotion through creativity

Three signs that book you’re reading is a keeper

Reading can be a truly incredible experience. Depending on the text you’re reading, and further, your level of interest in said text, reading can be an experience that isn’t easily forgotten. On the other hand, it can also be a nightmare if you’re reading a book that fails to peak your interest. Reading is something … More Three signs that book you’re reading is a keeper

The implications of Alabama’s abortion law

An article from The Huffington Post caught my eye the other evening. Titled “Alabama Wants To Imprison Marshae Jones. Her Crime Was Being Shot While Pregnant,” I imagine it’s relatively simple to figure out why I was intrigued by the headline. The following excerpts are from the article: “Marshae Jones, a 28-year-old Alabama woman, is facing a manslaughter … More The implications of Alabama’s abortion law

Writer’s Block

If you’ve ever encountered writer’s block, chances are you know how insanely frustrating it is. You are staring at a blank screen, or perhaps a blank sheet of paper, pen in hand or hands hovering over the keyboard waiting for inspiration to strike, but nothing comes. You try and force yourself to think of something, … More Writer’s Block

Think You Know Everything About Harry Potter?

I came across an interesting article a couple of days ago discussing some potentially unknown facts about the Harry Potter series. I personally consider myself a Potterhead, but there were some items discussed in the article I was unaware of. Harry and J.K. Rowling share the same birthday (June 31) Rowling developed the names of the four Hogwarts houses … More Think You Know Everything About Harry Potter?

Better Farming Magazine

Better Farming is the biggest and best magazine for Ontario’s business farmers, according to their website. It was launched by AgMedia in 1999 and continues the proud tradition of editorial excellence of its predecessor, Farm & Country. Better Farming‘s professional approach to ag journalism sets them apart from other agricultural media outlets and defines their service … More Better Farming Magazine


It recently came to my attention that I have not yet composed a post regarding the platform I use to convey the material on my blog, said platform being WordPress. I have been using WordPress for several years now, both with my own personal blog and further with various academic assignments. For one of my college courses … More WordPress