Are you misinformed?

In the world we find ourselves living in, it can be challenging when rifling through articles and other sorts of media publications to determine what is accurate, what isn’t, and what is considered to be an absolute steaming pile of horse shit.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do consider horse shit to be a measurement of validity in this particular instance.

With things like fake news, entirely misinformed news platforms as a whole and, more specifically, journalists, and also fact-checking, something as simple as reading can quickly become a hairy situation when you factor in all of these intricacies, hence why a lot of folks are choosing to not keep up with news anymore. Not all folks, but some, and in a way, I really can’t blame them and their stance towards news; it really shouldn’t be such a process to figure out if what you’re reading is true or not, and not all of us are about to take on a part-time gig of internet sleuthing to try and distinguish what is accurate and what isn’t.

If you’d like my own advice, I would recommend sticking to a handful of reliable and legitimate news outlets that aren’t so far up someone’s ass they can use their arm to orchestrate their mouths like a puppet. I recommend the Epoch Times, BBC, and Reuters. Some examples of news outlets I would not suggest relying upon if you’re looking for truthful, unbiased information would be CNN and The Toronto Star.

Allow me to slip in nonchalantly that The Toronto Star is one of the most biased and unethical publications I’ve ever come across in my own experiences. I worked as a journalist, so I have a pretty solid understanding of what to look for in the context of red flags when you’re analyzing news outlets.

My best advice? Trust your own gut and intuition. If you’re reading something that doesn’t quite sit right with you, I encourage you to do a little bit of digging to see if you can find an alternate publication that reported on the same topic.

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