Did you know this about Australia?

I often get the impression that Australia is a world of its own. They just seem to do shit their own way and refrain from allowing social norms and constructions to influence their way of life, and I think it’s rather admirable. One of my best friends is in vet school in Australia, and some … More Did you know this about Australia?

Need a wedding dress? Visit Brantford’s Bridal Boutique

A couple of weeks ago, I received a long-awaited phone call from Bridal Boutique in Brantford that my dress had arrived. I say this phone call was long awaited because I purchased my wedding dress from Bridal Boutique back in February; the dress I picked in particular is made by Madi Lane, an Australian designer, … More Need a wedding dress? Visit Brantford’s Bridal Boutique

Ever befriended a kangaroo? Apparently you can

Kangaroos have always fascinated me. They probably fascinate a lot of people. They’re such unique, interesting creatures, and while I am unsure if I will ever have the privilege to come face-to-face with one (not including through a zoo exhibit), I sincerely hope I do after reading an article from The Good News Network. Through … More Ever befriended a kangaroo? Apparently you can

All hail the wombat

Wombats, if you’re unfamiliar with them, are a rather adorable critter that are native to Australia. They somewhat resemble a koala bear, although they can be very aggressive when necessary. I find wombats to be quite cute, despite their ability to be ferocious, and although I didn’t think I needed any more incentive to appreciate … More All hail the wombat

Thank you, volunteer firefighters

As we’re all aware, Australia is in a complete and utter state of emergency right now. Raging, uncontrollable wildfires are sweeping the continent, destroying animals and vegetation in its path, leaving behind nothing but charred remains and destruction. These fires have been burning since September, and while recent rains have provided some relief to the … More Thank you, volunteer firefighters