Are Blundstones worth the money?

Ask anyone in my family, or my boyfriend, and they will all tell you that I am incredibly hard on footwear.

I have no idea why, or how, I manage to destroy shoes within a year of purchasing or receiving them, but I do. My boyfriend got me three pairs of boots as Christmas gifts in three years, and after the third pair bit the dust, he vowed to never buy me another pair again.

I can’t really say I blame him.

Anyways, after my third pair kicked the can (after having them repaired already), I needed some new boots, and with Christmas approaching at the time, I suggested a pair of Blundstones to my mom and dad as a Christmas gift from them to me (yes, I found the loophole since they haven’t purchased any boots for me, unlike my boyfriend). I received a pair of black Blundstones for Christmas, and since I’ve been wearing them almost daily ever since, I thought I could offer my opinion of them and whether they’re worth the price tag.

In short, yes, they really are worth the price tag.

I friggen love these boots. They have fantastic ankle support, which is an added bonus for me as I had reconstructive ligament surgery on my foot one year ago. They’re durable, comfortable, have decent tread, and look good with just about anything. Seriously, you can pair them with jeans, slacks, a dress (within reason) or pretty well whatever the hell you want.

So long as I don’t massacre these guys, I imagine I’ll be a Blundstone customer for life.

I think the price tag is a little steep (they retail anywhere between $200 and $300 dollars), however, all three pairs of the boots I previously destroyed retailed for roughly the same price, and none of them lasted beyond a year.

Let’s pray these puppies do.

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2 thoughts on “Are Blundstones worth the money?

  1. I have these exact same ones! Love the boots although I will say over time they’ve turned green lol…. otherwise they’re holding up pretty great though


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