Did you know this about Australia?

I often get the impression that Australia is a world of its own. They just seem to do shit their own way and refrain from allowing social norms and constructions to influence their way of life, and I think it’s rather admirable.

One of my best friends is in vet school in Australia, and some of the experiences she has told me about seem to only exist in a place like Australia.

I’ve always wanted to visit, and I hope I do one day. I’ve always been drawn to Australia for whatever reason, so occasionally, posts show up on my social media platforms that are Australian-oriented.

I recently saw an Instagram reel describing a historical event in Australia which I absolutely doubted until looking it up and discovering said event did, in fact, happen.

The event in question? The war between Australia and its emu population, of course.

Here is a brief description of the war, taken from nomadsworld.com.

“Emus migrate from the coastal regions to inland regions each year for breeding. An estimated 20,000 emus realised that the newly cultivated farmland in Campion was a good place for them to breed and to find food. The farmers were obviously not happy because their wheat crops were being destroyed. The emus also damaged fences which allowed rabbits to get through and to also destroy the crops (The rabbit-proof fence is another story!). Farming was already difficult before the Emus appeared in the area. The Australian Government was not providing the farmers with subsidies which they’d been promised and at the same time wheat prices had been falling. A group of ex-soldiers who had settled in the area were sent to speak with the Minister of Defence, Sir George Pearce. Unbelievably, in order to solve this problem the military were sent to the region with machine guns!”

The wildest bit of this whole occurrence? The emus won. Twice.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/1625507/pexels-photo-1625507.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1


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