Here’s how to make your own DIY weed killer

Weeds are not my friend. I doubt they’re anyone’s friend, really, but I’m really not a fan. You work to keep your luscious flowerbeds free of weeds, or perhaps your interlocking stone driveway, yet despite your efforts, these guys find a way to make a noticeable return. It really is quite frustrating. They’re relentless. I … More Here’s how to make your own DIY weed killer

DIY Easter decor

With Easter quickly approaching, you may find yourself stressing over upcoming family meals and get-togethers. Perhaps you were under the impression you had far more Easter decoration than you actually do, and you’re contemplating a last-minute shopping spree at Michaels to ensure your house is looking Easter ready for the upcoming holiday. If you’ve discovered … More DIY Easter decor


As of late, I have become rather obsessed with watching HGTV. I really can’t explain why all of a sudden I have become so interested in home renovation shows, but I have, and I am not hating it. In particular, I thoroughly enjoy watching Fixer Upper. Joanna and Chip Gaines are such a charming, lovely … More HGTV