DIY Easter decor

With Easter quickly approaching, you may find yourself stressing over upcoming family meals and get-togethers. Perhaps you were under the impression you had far more Easter decoration than you actually do, and you’re contemplating a last-minute shopping spree at Michaels to ensure your house is looking Easter ready for the upcoming holiday.

If you’ve discovered your Easter decor is lacking, no reason to fret. DIY Easter decor has never been easier, and with a little inspiration from Good Housekeeping, you can transform your house into an Easter sanctuary with minimal items and work.

  • Use leftover dyed eggshells as unique and colourful candleholders to use as a centrepiece on your dining table
  • Try decorating dyed eggs with paper cutouts and stencils rather for something different and festive
  • Use leftover egg cartons and turn them into a beautiful wreath
  • Up your egg decorating game by dying eggs yellow and drawing on feet, wings and a beak to create an adorable chick (or any other critter you desire)
  • Create a stunning centrepiece with glass milk jugs and wildflowers (or fake flowers)
  • Use marshmallow bunny peeps as cardholders on your dinner table so guests can find their seat (just wedge name cards into the tips of the peep’s ears)
  • Use hollowed-out eggshells as vases for single flowers for a stunning centrepiece
  • Try your hand at making a homemade wreath using dyed eggs and flowers
  • Paint initials on dyed eggs to use as name tags on the dinner table
  • Using a large glass vase, place dyed eggs in the bottom and fresh flowers over top for a refreshing and unique eye-catching piece

Most of the items required for these creative crafts are ones you may already own, making them a great option for last minute touches. Explore your creative side and see what you can accomplish with these DIY decorations!

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