Here’s how to make your own DIY weed killer

Weeds are not my friend. I doubt they’re anyone’s friend, really, but I’m really not a fan. You work to keep your luscious flowerbeds free of weeds, or perhaps your interlocking stone driveway, yet despite your efforts, these guys find a way to make a noticeable return.

It really is quite frustrating. They’re relentless.

I come bearing good news, though; I’ve tested out a DIY weed killer, and I can attest to its effectiveness.

I did some research regarding how to make your own weed killing spray at home, and sure enough, the one I tried worked. I hope it works for you, too, and it works quickly. Like, within one day.

So, what’s in this miracle concoction?

You will need:

  • 1 spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap (I used Dawn)
  • Salt

I didn’t use specific measurements when I made this concoction, so I can’t confirm how much of each ingredient I used exactly. I filled a spray bottle with vinegar, added a good shot of dish soap, and a good shake of salt. I sprayed this stuff all over weeds in our interlocking stone, and the next day, they were already yellow and dying.

I was extremely impressed.

This spray is a more natural alternative to the hardcore stuff on the market, which is a positive, and it’s cheap to make at home. A little goes a long way, too; a good spritz of the stuff on a weed will absolutely do the job. Plus, the items required to make this spray are relatively common, and you may have them in your home already.

The spray will leave a small amount of residue on stone, but it easily washes off with some water. It’s simple, quick, and effective. What more could you want from a weed spray?

Give it a try and see the results for yourself!

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