Please be kind as Ontario begins to reopen

I am willing to bet that a majority of Ontarians are rejoicing with the news of Doug Ford’s recent announcement pertaining to the gradual reopening of businesses here in the province. It’s been a long time coming, and it is safe to say the patience of the public in Ontario has been wearing thin as … More Please be kind as Ontario begins to reopen

Treading carefully with lockdown lifts

If you’re a resident of Ontario, you’ve likely been paying attention to the recent announcements that have been made by Premier Doug Ford regarding the slow start of lifting the COVID-19 lockdown requirements in the province. Mr. Ford granted us Ontarians some pretty positive news last week with an announcement stating select businesses and outdoor … More Treading carefully with lockdown lifts

Are Dollar Beers Really A Good Thing?

Doug Ford’s ‘Buck A Beer’ legislation is definitely a prominent topic of conversation in Ontario as of late, arguably for obvious reasons. People are pumped, and on a surface level, dollar beers seem like a fantastic idea. Everyone saves money, everyone is happy, right? Not according to some Ontario breweries, an article by CBC reports. … More Are Dollar Beers Really A Good Thing?