Are Dollar Beers Really A Good Thing?

Doug Ford’s ‘Buck A Beer’ legislation is definitely a prominent topic of conversation in Ontario as of late, arguably for obvious reasons. People are pumped, and on a surface level, dollar beers seem like a fantastic idea. Everyone saves money, everyone is happy, right?

Not according to some Ontario breweries, an article by CBC reports. Many breweries in the province have reported concerns about Ford’s legislation, explaining they’re worried they will have to lower their prices to accommodate for this new movement. The legislation only applies to beers that contain less than 5.6% alcohol, and Ford has stated that participation is not necessary. But these concerns have definitely got me thinking about the potential consequences that could occur with such cheap prices, and I think other people have as well.

Not only does the loss of profit concerning breweries come to mind, but what about farmers? I find so often people neglect to look beyond a fundamental perspective of how profit loss impacts everyone involved with the production of a commodity item, farmers and food processors who produce rye, barley, wheat, etc. included in this impact. If certain beers are reduced to one dollar in cost, how many other individuals does this cost cut resonate with? Breweries, employees of the breweries, processing plants and their employees, farmers… the list goes on.

I completely understand why people were so excited about Ford’s legislation when he first made mention of it, but after doing some extensive digging, it becomes apparent that this legislation may be more problematic for those involved than we initially thought. I appreciate Ford’s mention of how participation is not necessary, but I am tempted to think that breweries that refuse to participate may experience a loss in profits regardless because of such cheap competition from others who do participate.

What are your thoughts? I’m curious to know.

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