“But I Don’t Want to go to the Doctor’s…”

Going to the doctor’s can be a real pain in the rear. Perhaps you go and wait for three hours only to see your doctors for five minutes, trying to ask questions as they’re halfway out the door. Maybe you’ve had several bad experiences with doctors, for example, incorrect diagnoses, being made to feel as though your concerns are invalid, or maybe even feeling unwelcome.

Chances are that almost everyone on planet earth has had a negative experience with a doctor (no, this is not an actual statistic, but I have a hunch it’s probably relatively accurate). I’ve definitely had my fair share of shitty doctor visits. The long-term foot injury I sustained years ago, for example, was overlooked by five specialists, one of which who told me I was making the pain in my foot up and was seeking attention. It wasn’t until my family and I did some extensive research and visited an orthopaedic surgeon who fixed three torn ligaments and removed bone fragments after years of suffering.

But I was making it all up, right?

I would argue that women are more prone to encounter crappy doctors and experience crappy doctor consultations than men (again, not a statistic, but almost definitely true). Myself and many other women in my life have gone to see a doctor about something, only to be told it’s a symptom of menstruation or pregnancy, when in actuality the symptom has absolutely nothing to do with either of those things. My friend once had a ruptured appendix but was firmly told by a doctor she was pregnant. It wasn’t until she was essentially on her deathbed that something was done to help her.

I find it quite sad that so many of us have experienced such off-putting doctor consultations. By no means am I suggesting that all doctors are like this, because they’re obviously not. But they certainly exist, and it’s disturbing that so many people refrain from going to see people who are supposed to help them because of the fear they will not be taken seriously.

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