What Are Your ‘Simple Things’?

“Enjoy the simple things in life.” This is a quote I have always strived to live by, as I strongly believe it is far too simple to become wrapped up in materialistic concerns and desires in today’s society. I thought I would compose a list of my own ‘simple things’ in hopes of encouraging others to do the same. Taking a couple of moments to determine what ‘simple things’ bring you joy in life is a great way to reflect and gain a deeper appreciation for small pleasures.

  • Sitting on our back porch on the farm late at night in the summertime and enjoying the subtle sounds of nature
  • Being the first to dig into a fresh jar of peanut butter
  • The smell of freshly baked bread
  • The smell of campfires
  • Busting out my favourite chunky knit sweater when Fall rolls around
  • Cuddling my dog
  • Having dinner with my family every day
  • Falling asleep to the sounds of a thunderstorm
  • Waking up early, learning its a snow day, and curling back up in my bed to fall back asleep
  • Anything vanilla scented
  • Going to sleep with freshly shaved legs (Ladies am I right)
  • Going to sleep with wet hair
  • Not having to set an alarm to wake up the next day
  • Sleeping in general
  • Having a really good hair day
  • Having a really good skin day (this one doesn’t happen very often)
  • Driving through the fields for a crop tour

These are a few examples of my own personal ‘simple things.’ They arguably don’t appeal or make sense to everyone, but that’s the beauty of making a list like this. Everyone’s ‘simple things’ are subjective and unique because no two people are the same.

Take some time out of your day and make your own ‘simple things’ list. Reminding yourself of what makes you happy is important.

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