Treading carefully with lockdown lifts

If you’re a resident of Ontario, you’ve likely been paying attention to the recent announcements that have been made by Premier Doug Ford regarding the slow start of lifting the COVID-19 lockdown requirements in the province. Mr. Ford granted us Ontarians some pretty positive news last week with an announcement stating select businesses and outdoor recreational facilities are permitted to re-open, so long as strict modifications are put in place by said businesses to assist in keeping the spread of the virus under control.

Since this announcement was made, I’ve noticed a lot of Ontarians are either in full support of some businesses beginning to reopen, while others are hesitant and leery of the progress.

Personally, I’ve adopted a sort of neutral stance. I think it is fantastic news for the specific businesses that are allowed to reopen as so many of them have been hit hard financially by the COVID-19 lockdown. At the same time, however, I think it is absolutely crucial that the public understands the importance of abiding by the new regulations that are in place for many of the locations that are able to reopen.

I’m a bit worried that a lot of us will perhaps unintentionally fail to adhere to the health and safety measures a lot of businesses are having to implement in order to reopen. If we do not collectively come together and make a conscious effort to keep the virus from spreading or even taking on a second wave, chances are that we will re-enter a lockdown and significantly hinder the recent progress that has been made in keeping the coronavirus under control.

As the province and the world continues to slowly creep back towards a relative state of normal, please tread carefully. We are all excited for things to (hopefully) return to what they were prior to this outbreak, but if we choose to be irresponsible, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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2 thoughts on “Treading carefully with lockdown lifts

  1. Great post. In my country we’re now allowed to meet up to 5 people as long as we’re social distancing so I’m excited to see my friends and my boyfriend however I was out for a cycle last night and the amount of mass gatherings was appalling – it’s like people either don’t know how serious this is or they don’t care!


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