Here’s how to make the absolute best oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal cookies are seriously underestimated, in my opinion. They’re a quintessential member of the cookie family, and while often overshadowed by their famous cousin, the chocolate chip cookie, I firmly believe oatmeal cookies can hold their own. And, with Autumn approaching, what better time to truly savour these little delights. Personally, I prefer oatmeal cookies … More Here’s how to make the absolute best oatmeal cookies

Fall date ideas

I’ve done a couple of different date-related posts here on my blog in the past, and based on the response I’ve received from you, my wonderful readers, I thought I would do one for fall. I suppose I’m a little biased seeing as fall is my favourite season, but fall presents a multitude of new … More Fall date ideas

Falling for Fall

Fall is my favourite season by a mile. In addition to much appreciated cooler temperatures, this change in season brings colour and new holidays, and in respect to the farm, a bit of a slow in pace. Because I love Fall so darn much, I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look … More Falling for Fall