Here are some things to do this Fall

Autumn is hands down my favourite season for a variety of reasons. I love seeing the leaves on the trees transform into a colourful medley of beauty; I look forward to changing from shorts and sandals to cozy sweaters and boots; and I have a definite appreciation for Halloween and all things spooky.

Because Fall is now here and there is so much to look forward to throughout this magical season, I thought I would compile a list of potential activities to participate in and enjoy until Winter is here. These are just a few examples of what I was able to come up with.

  • Carve a pumpkin or two
  • Try baking a classic Fall pie like apple or pecan
  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Try navigating through a corn maze
  • Hit up a haunted house
  • Have a scary movie marathon
  • Try your hand at photography and take in the beautiful Autumn views
  • Go apple picking
  • Take a hike along a trail adorned with vivid Fall foliage
  • Make some homemade candy apples
  • Enjoy a picnic complete with warm apple cider
  • Consider making fair food at home, for example, corn dogs, deep fried chocolate bars and elephant ears
  • Make some preserves
  • Hit up a local brewery or winery
  • Go for a drive down a heavily wooded road
  • Get cozy around a fire with some hot chocolate or your favourite warm drink and some warm blankets and stargaze
  • Try making some mulled wine
  • Turn raking leaves into a fun game and get the entire family involved

These are some (potentially COVID-19 friendly) Autumn-oriented activities that come to mind when I contemplate what some of us might get up to in the fall, and I hope there is something on this list that appeals to everyone. If I’ve missed your favourite Fall activity, fill me in by commenting.

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