Why do we pay so much for a brand name?

A couple of days ago, a package arrived on our front porch from Aritzia. If you’re unfamiliar with Aritzia, it is a pricy women’s clothing brand that originated in Vancouver, BC in the 80s and has grown into an incredibly successful and highly-recognized name in the fashion world.

I was rather surprised to see this package on our porch since no one in my family normally shops with Aritzia, but the package in question was actually delivered to our address by mistake. We figured out who it actually belongs to, but seeing the box sitting in our hallway for a day prompted me to contemplate just how many of us are forking over unnecessary money simply to claim ownership of a seemingly average article of clothing for the brand name.

I won’t pretend to be innocent and claim I’ve never paid a ludicrous amount of money for clothing just because of who makes it. When I was in elementary school, Abercrombie & Fitch was at its peak, therefore I’ve definitely fallen victim to feeling obligated to pay extra money for something only because of the manufacturer. But, now that I’ve come to realize that there are far more important things to spend my money on, I’m able to acknowledge how this practice is ultimately rather sad and a fine example of consumeristic pressure.

I personally don’t understand how and why many of us will pay sometimes triple the amount of money on something like a tshirt for the sole purpose of owning items from an expensive brand name. If I can buy a shirt for ten bucks from a department store, why would I buy an almost identicle one for triple that?

I’m not trying to come across as condescending or judgmental, because I’m all for supporting what makes us happy. But, realistically, I think spending excess money on something that is entirely unexceptional minus who makes it is an illogical practice.

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4 thoughts on “Why do we pay so much for a brand name?

  1. I can agree that it is ridiculous to be paying so much money for a brand name item. But if it is going to be something that I will be using for a while such as a winter jacket and winter boots, I do not mind brand names and paying extra, knowing that it will last and the brand name is reputable.

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