Tips for dealing with a narcissist

While an unfortunate reality, I would wager that more of us than not have dealt with a narcissist, or narcissists, and on more than one occasion. Anyone who has familiarity or experience with a narcissist will arguably attest to the fact that they’re vile specimens, and despite how absolutely fucking awful they are, there are … More Tips for dealing with a narcissist

The beauty of straightforward confrontation

Confrontation is something I’m willing to best most of us would prefer to avoid. Addressing an issue face-to-face with someone isn’t necessarily the most pleasant thing to do, and while at times needed, most of us tend to shy away from confrontation whenever possible. That being said, there are times when confrontation simply cannot be … More The beauty of straightforward confrontation

The importance of knowing how to best approach conflict

Conflict is an inevitable occurrence in life. It can happen both expectedly and unexpectedly, but regardless of the ways in which it presents itself, it is crucial to have a firm understanding of how to approach it in the most effective manner possible. We all handle conflict and confrontation differently, therefore it makes sense that … More The importance of knowing how to best approach conflict