The importance of knowing how to best approach conflict

Conflict is an inevitable occurrence in life. It can happen both expectedly and unexpectedly, but regardless of the ways in which it presents itself, it is crucial to have a firm understanding of how to approach it in the most effective manner possible.

We all handle conflict and confrontation differently, therefore it makes sense that we should address it differently, depending on the person or people involved. For example, if you need to approach someone about an issue at hand, and you are aware of their tendency to have a quick temper, it would be best to bring up the conversation in a casual and non-aggressive manner to avoid a blowup. If you need to address conflict with someone who tends to shut down when presented with confrontation, it would likely be beneficial to sit them down and start the conversation out on a good note to refrain from potentially scaring them off.

I believe a lot of us tend to address conflict in a way that feels comfortable to us. This is entirely understandable and logical, however, what we may be comfortable with may not be applicable to someone else. I’ve come to realize the advantages of knowing how to best approach conflict with someone based on their personality, because, let’s be honest; we have all likely been in a confrontational situation that has gotten out of hand because we were unfamiliar with the person and the ways in which they would potentially react.

Knowing how to speak to someone about a problem in a manner that makes not only ourselves but also them comfortable truly is an incredibly advantageous skill. It will likely save you a whole lot of frustration and pointless arguments, and, in the long run, there is a good chance you will gain a better understanding of how we individually handle conflict as well.

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