Mind your problems

You’ve arguably heard the phrase “mind your business.” It’s a concept that’s instilled in us from a young age due to its logic, and for the most part, I like to think most of us abide by its teachings. In addition to minding our own business, it’s worth recognizing the effectiveness of minding our own … More Mind your problems

Communication and relationships: a pivotal pair

What comes to mind when you contemplate the concept of communication? Arguably, we all interpret the meaning of the term differently, depending on how we ourselves exercise communication on a daily basis. For some of us, communication comes easily, while for others, it’s something we struggle with. Having an understanding of how we personally navigate … More Communication and relationships: a pivotal pair

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: so much more than a comedy

I’m a tremendous fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Andy Samberg has always been one of my favourite actors in Hollywood, and he does not disappoint in his role as Jake in the show, a hilarious and sometimes clueless detective in New York City in the 99th precinct. And, aside from being ridiculously funny, Samberg and the … More Brooklyn Nine-Nine: so much more than a comedy

The power of perspective

Sometimes in life, we’re presented with unfortunate circumstances. And, as inconvenient as these circumstances may be, life is unpredictable, making these situations inevitable. When dealing with a challenging scenario, it can be difficult to consider things from an alternate perspective. But, sometimes seeing things from another angle can make a tremendous difference regarding how we’re … More The power of perspective

How to stand up for yourself (respectfully)

Being pushed around sucks. One might think that this typically happens during our childhood years, during which it is commonly referred to as bullying. Spoiler: it still happens when we’re adults, and it’s still called bullying. Standing up for oneself is such an important thing to do in warranted situations, but sometimes, depending on the … More How to stand up for yourself (respectfully)