The power of perspective

Sometimes in life, we’re presented with unfortunate circumstances. And, as inconvenient as these circumstances may be, life is unpredictable, making these situations inevitable.

When dealing with a challenging scenario, it can be difficult to consider things from an alternate perspective. But, sometimes seeing things from another angle can make a tremendous difference regarding how we’re handling the scenario, and when this happens, it’s a sign of progression.

Say you’re frustrated with a co-worker. You find them irritating and dependant, to the point their needs are interfering with your own work. You’ve tried to ask them politely to give you a little bit of space, but it makes no difference. Chances are you’re feeling rather resentful and angry towards this person, causing your overall work experience to suffer.

As tempting as it is to convince ourselves in a situation like this that we’re in the right for how we’re feeling, it simply may not be the case. Perhaps this co-worker is dealing with emotional and/or physical burdens. Maybe their personal life is in shambles. It’s possible they’re trying to get to know you better to initiate a great friendship. Unless we take a step back and observe a situation from a different perspective, we’re unable to recognize that how we’re feeling may not be entirely warranted in a specific situation.

My dad often reminds me to see things differently, and nine times out of ten, he’s correct when he tells me to consider something in an alternate manner. It’s important to encourage ourselves to see things in a different light, and further to contemplate something in a view that may not reflect our own.

Taking a step back to observe a scenario may not be something we want to do, but sometimes, it’s the best thing we can do to rectify a situation.

2 thoughts on “The power of perspective

  1. Getting perspective is key to any interaction we may have, especially conflict resolution. I always advice people to distance themselves before responding. Thanks for a great post.


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