Attitude really is everything

I firmly believe there is a hell of a lot of us in existence that doubt the power of a positive attitude or mindset. I cannot say for certain what the reasoning behind this is, aside from, perhaps, a lack of faith regarding our positivity and manifestations and what they can conquer. But, the right … More Attitude really is everything

Feeling lost? It could be a good thing

The sensations of feeling saddened or overwhelmed aren’t exactly the most desirable ways to categorize our feelings, normally speaking. We typically associate the concept of feeling lost with negativity and therefore don’t try to make ourselves feel such a way, but according to an article from The Good News Network, “If You Feel Like Things … More Feeling lost? It could be a good thing

The power of perspective

Sometimes in life, we’re presented with unfortunate circumstances. And, as inconvenient as these circumstances may be, life is unpredictable, making these situations inevitable. When dealing with a challenging scenario, it can be difficult to consider things from an alternate perspective. But, sometimes seeing things from another angle can make a tremendous difference regarding how we’re … More The power of perspective