The power of shifting perspective

If I were to start this post by preaching to you that a change in attitude can result in a change in your overall life, there is a probable chance you would tell me to shut the hell up. And, honestly, rightly so. We’ve all heard about how powerful a positive attitude can be, and I’m not here to regurgitate lessons you were taught when you were in pampers.

I am, however, asking you to hear me out in the context of perspective.

Perspective and attitude are, in a way, intrinsically linked. They’re innate within each other as they feed off of one another; a positive attitude will produce a positive perspective, and a negative attitude will configure a negative perspective.

I firmly believe so many of us are living life with a toxic perspective, brought on by a toxic attitude. Far too many of us adopt the victim mentality when we are faced with adversity in some means; why me? This is so unfair- why is this happening to me?

Speaking from experience, this way of thinking is one of the worst possible things you can do for yourself. Self-pity ain’t cute, my friends, and sure as shit isn’t going to improve your sense of optimism.

When we make the decision to think poorly, or negatively, or in a way that garners and reflects self-pity, over time, we begin to believe it. We live our lives in accordance with this shitty mindset, and it begins to manipulate our perspective towards life in general. When we make the decision to think positively, and with hope and optimism, we begin to believe it, and then live it.

I think it is relatively obvious which mindset is inferior in this equation.

If you’re feeling down, consider why, or what it is that is causing you to feel down. There is a strong chance that your way of thinking and/or mindset is playing into it, whether you realize it or not.

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