Attitude really is everything

I firmly believe there is a hell of a lot of us in existence that doubt the power of a positive attitude or mindset. I cannot say for certain what the reasoning behind this is, aside from, perhaps, a lack of faith regarding our positivity and manifestations and what they can conquer. But, the right perspective can truly be a game changer in certain situations, and I can say this because I’ve experienced it myself and have witnessed it in others.

Both of my parents are cancer survivors. My mom has beat breast cancer twice, and my dad beat melanoma in his eye. I am so fucking grateful I still have my parents in my life considering what they have endured, both mentally and physically, and a major contributing factor to the fact that they’re both still present in my life is the positive mindset they maintained while going through cancer treatments. Both my parents have vocalized the significance of a positive attitude when facing a seriously negative situation, and both have stated they are convinced their optimism and resilience are to thank for coming out on the winning side of cancer.

My own personal example isn’t nearly as powerful as my parents, but hear me out. Back in high school, in gym class, we had to run the dreaded beep test as a component of fitness testing, much like a hell of a lot of other people out there. I was pretty athletic throughout high school, and I was determined to break my own record from my previous beep test, which I believe was the eighth round or something like that. Come time for this beep test run, I can recall making it to the tenth round and seriously wanting to quit. I made eye contact with my fitness teacher who screamed at me “If you think you can keep going, you will,” and lo and behold, I made it to the eleventh round, almost setting the record for grade eleven female students that year.

Mindset is so damn powerful. Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

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