Why are we afraid to stand up for ourselves?

When it comes to confrontation, standing your ground can be challenging. Depending on who you are engaged in confrontation with, it can be difficult to be firm in your beliefs and argue on your own behalf, specifically if, for example, the person you’re addressing conflict with is your superior or boss at a job. But, in all honesty, when it comes to being confrontational, it is so important to be grounded in what you’re trying to communicate, regardless of the person on the receiving end of the issue.

I’ve come to realize, over time, how significant it is to stick up for ourselves when it comes to conflict. It is far too easy to be pushed into doing something we are not comfortable with out of fear of being defiant, but in actuality, being true to ourselves takes precedence over being pressured into doing something we are not approving of. This is especially true in the workplace; an inability to stick up for ourselves can far too easily result in being forced into uncomfortable scenarios which, when repeated over time, will end up becoming a constant and/or normalized occurrence.

I firmly believe too many of us are leery of speaking up or standing up for ourselves when it comes to confrontation. If you’re normally a timid or shy person, this makes this task even more challenging. But, the essence of my message remains the same; sometimes in confrontation we have to step on some toes in order to be heard.

Obviously there are situations in which standing up for ourselves isn’t appropriate, for example, if we are in the wrong and are trying to suggest otherwise. But, in a general sense, too many of us tolerate far too much discomfort out of a fear of being chastised for wanting to be content, and this in itself is, in my opinion, a troubling realization.

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