Communication and relationships: a pivotal pair

What comes to mind when you contemplate the concept of communication?

Arguably, we all interpret the meaning of the term differently, depending on how we ourselves exercise communication on a daily basis. For some of us, communication comes easily, while for others, it’s something we struggle with. Having an understanding of how we personally navigate the concept of communication is an important building block in the relationships we share with others.

When it comes to romantic relationships, I would argue that communication between ourselves and our partner is an absolute must. You may not agree with me, which is absolutely fine, but personally, I consider communication in a relationship to be a necessity to ensure the relationship in question is as healthy as possible.

Think about it. In a romantic relationship, we rely tremendously on our partners for different things, and vice versa. If communication is an issue between yourself and your partner, how is it reasonable to expect said relationship to be as strong as it could be?

Say, for example, you’re holding back on discussing something your partner is doing that upsets you. If you don’t talk about it, your partner won’t be conscious of the fact their behaviour or actions are upsetting you. If you communicate the issue at hand to them, though, an opportunity to work through the issue via conversation becomes possible. It likely won’t always work out so effectively, but even if addressing the problem is daunting, chances are that talking about it will lead to more positives than it will negatives.

As human beings, communication is something we are predisposed to. Communication is how we interact with one another, and without it, I think it’s fair to say we would all be rather lonely. Don’t be afraid to talk, folks. Especially with your partner in a relationship.

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