Mind your problems

You’ve arguably heard the phrase “mind your business.” It’s a concept that’s instilled in us from a young age due to its logic, and for the most part, I like to think most of us abide by its teachings.

In addition to minding our own business, it’s worth recognizing the effectiveness of minding our own problems, too. It sounds a little odd, I know, but hear me out.

Not too long ago, my sister and I had an issue between the two of us. Nothing major, but an inconvenience with the ability to cause some tension between us.

My sister was telling our parents about her own personal frustrations with the situation, and in doing so, some details pertaining to the situation and my own involvement were lost in translation. Later on, when I spoke to my parents about the same situation, it became apparent through conversation with them that they didn’t have all of the necessary facts regarding the incident between my sister and I, and their involvement ended up contributing to the conflict between us. After hearing my sisters side of the story, my parents formulated their own opinions about the details without asking me about the scenario first, allowing the severity of the predicament to become more pronounced.

Did my sister have the right to talk to my parents about how she was feeling? Absolutely. Was it ideal that my parents became involved in an issue that didn’t concern them? No, because their involvement only made things worse.

Minding our business when it comes to problems that don’t concern us is just as important as minding our business in a general sense, in my opinion. By becoming involved in an issue between my sister and I, my parents unintentionally made things worse between us, making the resolution process more difficult.

Mind your business and mind your problems, folks. It will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

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