What to do when you’re feeling down

Forcing yourself to be happy when you’re not can be a pretty challenging feat to overcome. Whether you’ve been in a slump for a week or a month, it’s difficult to plaster on a smile and go about your day as if everything is fine and dandy, especially if you haven’t been feeling like yourself for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, many of us fall or have fallen victim to being in a bit of a lull. Sometimes we’re able to pinpoint what is causing us to feel down and blue, and sometimes we’re not, only making ourselves feel worse as we’re unable to determine what is contributing to our feelings of unhappiness. The good news, though, is that we’re all human, and we all, from time to time, feel a little off. And, we don’t have to feel out of sorts forever.

When I’m feeling down, I personally like to pursue activities that normally bring me joy. Some examples for me include writing, watching a favourite show or movie, having a bath, taking a nap, spending time with pets and/or loved ones, or spending time outdoors. Whatever it is that lights your fire, it’s possible that spending time doing things that make you happy will boost your mood a little bit.

I also like to do a little bit of self-reflection when I’m feeling off. This means spending time alone, but if talking to someone is something you think may improve the situation, feel free to do that, too. I like to devote some time to contemplate why I’m feeling the way that I am which sometimes lifts my mood, and sometimes doesn’t. It depends on what it is that’s bothering me, if that makes sense.

Ultimately, there’s no sure solution to getting out of a funk, but there are things we can do to hopefully get ourselves out of said funk a little quicker. Figure out what it is that works best for you and stick with it.

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