Coping with bad news: a how-to guide

I should likely start this post by stating that while the title indicates that my advice pertaining to this topic is absolute, it certainly isn’t. I’m no therapist or counsellor, but perhaps my approach to the topic can help someone who is struggling.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s begin, shall we?

Bad news isn’t something foreign to us. It’s an inevitable component of life that affects everyone, and while being on the receiving end of some unfortunate news isn’t pleasant, what’s even more challenging for some of us is coping with said news. Many of us feel overwhelmed and lost when bad news presents itself, and depending on the severity of the news we have received, we may not know how to proceed.

I’ve actually been encountering my fair share of bad news in my own life as late in a few different contexts. Over the past few weeks, some rather unfortunate situations have made themselves known, and I was thinking about how the build-up of these events has caused me stress and anxiety. I was brainstorming how to go about dealing with negative news, and I came to the realization that while we may cope with bad news differently, there is one thing all of us can do to attempt to make the coping process less painful; we can acknowledge the fact that we are not alone. Simply identifying the fact that we are not the only person in the world working through some bad news can make a significant difference in terms of feeling overwhelmed and burdened, and further, it can encourage us to reach out to someone we trust to talk about what we’re dealing with.

Personally, reminding myself of how many people in the world are wading through bad news gives me a sense of comfort and encouragement regarding my own bad news. It isn’t necessarily a solution, but it’s definitely a coping mechanism, and perhaps it can benefit someone else to the same extent it has me.

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