The beauty of straightforward confrontation

Confrontation is something I’m willing to best most of us would prefer to avoid. Addressing an issue face-to-face with someone isn’t necessarily the most pleasant thing to do, and while at times needed, most of us tend to shy away from confrontation whenever possible.

That being said, there are times when confrontation simply cannot be ignored, and a problem has to be nipped in the butt before it progresses any further.

Personally, I have found that being as straightforward as possible when engaging in confrontation is the best way to go about it. Is it simpler and more appealing to break the news to someone gently and beat around the bush prior to delivering a blow? Yes, it is. But, if anything, sugar-coating a confrontational conversation just prolongs the misery of finally getting down to the nitty-gritty, and often times, what we wanted to say ends up remaining left unsaid.

I got into a bit of an argument with a good friend of mine recently. She and I have never really argued over anything, so it was a bit of an awkward situation. However, both she and I are pretty blunt, and looking back at the situation, it is apparent our willingness to be honest and get it all out on the table is the main reason we were able to reconcile so quickly after without any lingering hurt or drama.

Confrontation certainly doesn’t have to be something we enjoy or take pride in (although if if you do, good for you), but it can be a lot less terrible than we perceive it to be by honing in on the issue and dissecting it accordingly. It will be less painful and uncomfortable in the long run, and the quicker we are to just address the problem, the sooner it will be resolved.

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