Looking for some decent bubble bath? Try Dr. Teal’s

I think it’s safe to say that bubble bath is something most of us enjoy using no matter our age. Sure, our first introduction to bubble bath was likely when we were a child, but it is something that can continue to be used throughout life whenever we’re feeling like we need a little boost … More Looking for some decent bubble bath? Try Dr. Teal’s

Lavender 101

In working at Bonnieheath Estate, a lavender farm and winery, I’ve come to develop a relatively firm understanding of lavender. Prior to starting this job, I had some knowledge of this magical plant, but now that my knowledge has expanded, I thought I would offer a little lavender 101, if you will, in hopes of … More Lavender 101

A Love for Lavender

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely noticed that lavender seems to be the latest craze. It seems to be just about everywhere, and because of its popularity, I wanted to provide some information about this herby powerhouse to pay homage to just how great it really is. An herb native to Northen … More A Love for Lavender