Looking for something to clean your makeup brushes? Look no further

Ensuring my makeup brushes are squeaky clean is a concept I never used to give a whole lot of thought to. I would wash them periodically, but certainly not as often as I should have been, and after reading about how dirty makeup brushes can worsen acne, I figured it would be best if I took the process a little more seriously.

Is it relatively obvious that dirty brushes, when applied to the face, can worsen or cause pimples? Yes, but I figure it’s better to catch on later than never at all.

For a while now I’ve been using classic Dove soap to clean my brushes. It does a decent job with my powder and contour brushes, but I find that it doesn’t get my foundation brush quite as clean as I would like it to. I used Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation, and since it is full coverage, relatively heavy foundation, it’s not too difficult to figure out why it’s a little harder to get it out of my brush.

My mom gave me The Original Goat Milk Brush Shampoo to try a few days ago, and since I’ve been using it for about a week now, I think it’s safe for me to give my own review of the product.

As it says right on the label (evident in the header image for this post), to use this product you simply wet your makeup brush in some warm water and swish it around directly inside the product’s container. Work the brush while it is coated in the product against the palm of your hand, rinse, and voila; you have squeaky clean makeup brushes with minimal effort.

This stuff has a lovely lavender scent, it isn’t messy, and it’s simple to use. What else could you ask for from a brush cleaner?

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