Stop being a selfish idiot and practice social distancing

As of late, we are hearing a lot about a recently-coined term known as social distancing in the wake of COVID-19. Social distancing involves all of us maintaining a safe distance (roughly three feet) from others while out in public areas to slow the spread and potential transmission of the Coronavirus, and it’s something many global leaders and health organizations are stressing to assist in getting this pandemic under control.

Despite our thorough familiarity with social distancing and what it entails, it seems as though a lot of us are choosing to ignore the recommended practice and rather carry on with our daily lives as if we aren’t in the midst of a pandemic. Perhaps those of us who are not engaging in social distancing have convinced ourselves we don’t need to because we feel fine and aren’t exhibiting any symptoms, or maybe we’re just being lazy and can’t be bothered to take initiative and make some changes to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

Regardless of anyone’s reasoning for failing to practice social distancing, let me be frank and emphasize how tremendously selfish and further idiotic this ignorant behaviour is. By choosing to actively go against government and health official direction and participate in social gatherings involving any number of people is putting lives at risk, and it’s astounding to me that some of us can act so selfishly during a very trying time for all of us. Ignoring the pleas to distance ourselves socially could result in the death of an innocent person, or people, as a result of virus transmission, whether or not you’re feeling perfectly healthy.

It has never been more important to do our due diligence and help to slow the spread of the Coronavirus in any and all ways possible. Don’t be a selfish asshole and just stay home.

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