Finding positives amidst chaos

As we are all more than aware, the state of the world right now is questionable. Negative news seems to be coming at us from all angles, and with the amount of unfortunate news seemingly increasing with each passing day, it is easy to understand how and why we might be feeling a bit down these days.

Something that we must try to remind ourselves of right now is the ability to distinguish good among the bad. Despite how bleak certain circumstances may seem right now, there is always an opportunity to seek out the positive, and it has never been more important for us to put this ideology into practice.

I think it is worth acknowledging how humanity has stepped up to the plate in terms of determining how to best tackle the ever-present Coronavirus. From my own observations, I am seeing more and more people volunteering their time to help out the sick and elderly with whatever they may need at this time. Many organizations have already donated significant amounts of food to food banks, and some celebrities have donated funds to assist companies who are doing their part to combat this pandemic. I have seen people offering to watch and babysit children as a result of the closure of many childcare facilities, and further committing themselves to help their communities in any way they can.

The ways in which human beings have banded together in the midst of social chaos is truly inspiring. The unification taking place between complete strangers has never been more necessary, and so far, we are taking the situation as seriously as possible and trying our best to find hope in these dark times.

It has never been more crucial to be kind to one another in whatever ways possible. We are all in this together, and we will get through this together.

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