Stuck at home? Try these activities to pass the time

With so many of us stuck at home right now, I thought it would be appropriate to compose a post addressing potential activities to engage in to pass the time. Whether you’re quarantining or in self-isolation, hopefully some of my suggestions can have relevance to you and keep you occupied over the next few weeks.

  • Catch up on or start a new book or books
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Binge-watch a show you’ve been wanting to watch for a while
  • Depending on the circumstances regarding your own situation (for example, if you’re quarantining with family), spend some quality time with loved ones
  • Teach yourself a foreign language
  • Clean your house from top to bottom
  • Purge your closet
  • Call some friends you’ve lost touch with
  • Learn how to play an instrument if you’re able to
  • Create an at-home gym using things from around the house (for example, cans of food to be used as lighter weights, bungee chords to be used as resistance bands)
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Teach yourself how to cook something you’ve always wanted to make
  • Try meal prepping
  • Stock up on your online shopping purchases if necessary
  • Research a topic you’ve always been interested in learning more about
  • Catch up on bills and/or payments
  • Spend some time with your pets if you have them
  • Check out some of the online museum tours we’ve been hearing about
  • Take some organizational initiative and tidy up any messy areas in your home
  • Engage in some serious self-care; give yourself a manicure or pedicure, have a nice soak in a bubble bath, etc.
  • Make a personalized playlist to tune into
  • Make some DIY facemasks and/or hair masks
  • Play some classic board games
  • Try yoga

These a few of my own personal suggestions for things to do while stuck indoors. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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