Here are some things you can do to lift your spirits

Regardless if you’re working right now, in self-isolation, or in quarantine, I think it is safe to say that we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up in such a desolate time. Many of us are doing everything in our power to stay as positive as possible, but as the days of COVID-19 continue, it’s easy to slip into some negative and dark thoughts and influence our mental health in the process.

My post that was published a few days ago provides some ideas and activities that can be done if you, like many of us, are stuck inside your home, but I wanted to create another that more specifically focuses on mood-lifting things we can practice right now. Here are a few of my own ideas:

  • Practice meditation
  • Try doing yoga
  • Get some fresh air – go for a walk or run, try hiking if you live near trails or wooded areas, ride your bike or do some yard work
  • Try your hand at photography as it can be a very rewarding experience
  • Connect with friends and loved ones via phone, email, social media, facetime, skype or whatever tickles your fancy
  • Watch some funny animal videos
  • Watch anything funny, whether it be SNL skits, Youtube videos, or stand-up comedy – find something that makes you laugh
  • Get in touch with your inner child – pull out some board games or puzzles, try drawing, colouring or crafts
  • Recall happy memories
  • Smoke weed (it works for me)
  • Break a sweat and get some exercise
  • Think of things you are grateful for, both big and small
  • Spend time with animals, if you have pets

These are a few of my own ideas, but since we are all different, what makes me happy might not work for you and vice versa. Do some self-reflection to determine what gives your joy, and invest some time in doing that.

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