Read this to find your new summer scent

I have no shame in admitting that I’m a bit of a perfume junkie; I always have been, and likely always will be. I am pleased to report that my perfume preferences and choices have improved dramatically in terms of quality over the years, and while I do still enjoy the odd body mist, I like to think I’ve grown up by purchasing actual perfumes, not chemically-laden liquid ‘mists’ from a shitty catalogue.

I do have my favourites in the context of perfume, but I’m always more than willing to experiment and dabble in something new. I keep sample tubes of any perfume I’ve whiffed over the years that catches my nose, and because my stash is running low, I went through my samples the other day and ordered a full-size version of one I recalled smelling positively divine.

Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum is my most recent perfume purchase and is simultaneously my most costly perfume purchase to date, but believe me when I say this stuff is worth it. It has tremendous scent depth (not sure if that’s even a thing but I just coined that one myself), meaning a single spray will be noticeable on your skin all day.

A member of the warm and spicy fragrance family, this perfume is considered to be a warm and sweet gourmands scent type. Its keynotes include jasmine, lavender and vanilla, and its inspiration is credited to Angelina Jolie.

If could bathe in this shit, I would. That’s how insanely good it smells.

I would not advise this perfume to anyone who isn’t a fan of heavier scents, because it definitely isn’t light. But, if you’re like me and enjoy a dense and powerful scent, this one is for you. If I wear perfume, I like to be able to smell it myself, ya know?

Do yourself a favour and find a sample of this stuff. It’s a bit pricier than the average perfume, but you’ll know why once you get a whiff of it.

Image from×500.43297.jpg

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