Does Febreze AIR stand up to stink?

We have three dogs on our family farm. During the day, they’re out and about, roaming with someone in my family or they’re in their kennel. In the evenings, we bring them inside our garage where they sleep. We never used to lock our critters inside in the evenings, but ever since our beloved dog Jake was attacked and killed by coyotes in our yard last year, we aren’t willing to take the risk of experiencing something so horrific again.

With three dogs sleeping in our garage, it makes sense that it tends to get a little stinky inside considering they tend to relieve themselves once they’re locked in for the night. We’ve gone through a vast array of air freshening products and other things in hopes of reducing the smell, but we haven’t had a whole lot of luck.

Certain air fresheners and sprays can be quite harmful to animals, so I encourage you to always do your research before purchasing anything to use around animals. After consulting with a veterinary technician who happens to be a family friend, I grabbed some Febreze AIR in the Mediterranean lavender scent to try, and while it might not contain a lot of the harsh chemicals and scents regular Febreze contains, it seems to be holding up to its name.

It claims to have 100 per cent natural repellents, and it smells quite nice. It is a wee bit heavy in terms of scent, though, so be cautious if you’re someone who is easily bothered by perfumes. I’ve sprayed it in the garage a few times and it is definitely helping to diminish the smell of wet dog.

I grabbed a two-pack at Walmart, but I imagine you can find this stuff just about anywhere. I do recommend it, so long as you’re a fan of vanilla and lavender.

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