Need a new mattress? Read this

Upon sitting down to compose today’s post, I was once again met with some highly discouraging writer’s block. I think I sat and stared at my laptop screen for 15 minutes until, out of desperation, I turned next to Blaine (he was watching television in our room) and asked him for some inspiration. He pondered … More Need a new mattress? Read this

It’s healthy to sleep with your pup

A recent article will have dog lovers rejoicing. A University of Alberta study has cultivated results that suggest sleeping with a dog could benefit chronic pain sufferers. The findings contradict other medical advice that recommends sleeping without a dog for people who experience long-term pain. “A small study published earlier this year of people … More It’s healthy to sleep with your pup

Is too much sleep bad?

I absolutely love sleep, and to be fair, who the heck doesn’t? It’s like a temporary escape from reality in which all worries and stressors are forgotten. That being said, too much sleep can, unfortunately, be rather bad. A Eurekalert article¬†describes how results from the world’s greatest sleep study suggest that folks who sleep between … More Is too much sleep bad?