It’s healthy to sleep with your pup

A recent article will have dog lovers rejoicing.

A University of Alberta study has cultivated results that suggest sleeping with a dog could benefit chronic pain sufferers. The findings contradict other medical advice that recommends sleeping without a dog for people who experience long-term pain.

“A small study published earlier this year of people who suffered long-term chronic pain revealed that hitting the hay with their pooches was ‘overwhelmingly positive’ for them, Brown said,.”

Participants from this smaller study claimed that physical contact with their dogs when they went to sleep at night alleviated anxiety about being alone.

The article states that 32 per cent of household in Canada in 2014 had one or more pups, and 37 per cent had cats, half of these animal owners saying they shared their beds with their furry friends.

Our dog is an outdoor one, however, I did seize the opportunity to sleep with him a few months ago when I was camped out in one of our barns on an air mattress.

I absolutely loved it, and if I could sway my mom’s opinion towards dog hair in my bed, he would be my cuddle buddy every night.

We have an indoor cat who is welcome to sleep with me, but she’s a tad annoying, so that hasn’t worked out so well.

The findings of this particular study don’t surprise me, as I have read several reports of the therapeutic benefits pets can offer people who struggle with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, etc. I think it’s phenomenal that the benefits of sleeping with your pupper have been documented in a study, and hopefully these findings can encourage more people to ditch the hair-free sheets and welcome their pets under the covers.

Besides, dog hair, or pet hair in general, is no match for a lint-roller/vacuum combo.

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