Recognizing misleading animal activism (cough, PETA, cough)

Scrolling through my Twitter newsfeed the other day, I stumbled across a post from PETA that thoroughly pissed me off (no, I do not follow PETA on Twitter, don’t worry). The post was linked to an article titled “‘Game of Thrones’ Star Jerome Flynn: Reject Cruelty, Go Vegan,” and since I am a huge Game … More Recognizing misleading animal activism (cough, PETA, cough)

Why do we hate vegans?

Let me begin by stating that this post stems from an article from Medicalxpress and doesn’t encapsulate my own personal views of vegans. From my own perceptions, however, a lot of people have it out for vegans. the article explains how many vegans encounter criticism via social media for their dietary preferences, with some vegans … More Why do we hate vegans?