Why do we hate vegans?

Let me begin by stating that this post stems from an article from Medicalxpress and doesn’t encapsulate my own personal views of vegans.

From my own perceptions, however, a lot of people have it out for vegans. the article explains how many vegans encounter criticism via social media for their dietary preferences, with some vegans even seeing disapproval of their diet on car bumper stickers.

The article explains how a term for the hatred of vegans has been developed – vegaphobia.

Further, self-help books have become available for vegans dealing with disapproval of their choices, one example being Living among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian’s Survival Handbook.

A little dramatic in my opinion, but I have always been curious as to why so many people blatantly express their hatred for vegans.

I don’t have an issue with vegans or vegetarians in any way, shape or form. I find it quite irritating when anyone who abides by a certain diet flaunts their choices and believes they are superior for doing so, whether that be a vegan, someone who is gluten-free, or someone who is obsessed with meat. For me, it’s equal across all avenues.

The article reports that a U.S. study revealed that “nearly half of all participants already felt negatively towards vegetarians. They became even more resentful when they felt that vegetarians considered themselves to be morally superior to omnivores.

These findings are echoed by the results of my interviews with omnivores in Australia, which have shown that plant-based eaters are deemed, by some, to be “snobbish” and ‘elitist.”

Interesting, right?

Others believe that the hate for vegans stems from resentment.

Again, I don’t have an issue with any type of diet, but I do have an issue when someone’s diet becomes a defining characteristic of who they are as a person if that makes sense. And that goes for any type of diet, not strictly veganism.

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3 thoughts on “Why do we hate vegans?

  1. The reason people don’t like veganism is because it confronts them on their unethical choices. It makes them uncomfortable to think that they’re doing something wrong and rather than change they’d rather blame vegans for allegedly taking the moral high ground and putting them in an awkward position.


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