The Haunting of Hill House: final thoughts

Alas, I have finished the ten-episode first season of The Haunting of Hill House.

Seriously, if you haven’t familiarized yourself with this Netflix original series, I highly recommend doing so.

I’m pretty bummed it’s only ten episodes, because that’s how damn good this show is. But, at the same time, perhaps it’s best that it’s a short season. Nothing is drawn-out, nothing was unnecessary, and nothing felt irrelevant; every detail of every scene is essential to the overall composition of a wonderfully complex and intricate plot.

In my former post addressing this show, I made specific reference to the characters of Carla Gugino as Olivia Crain, and Kate Siegel as her daughter, Theo. However, now that I have finished the series, Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Luke Crain, Victoria Pedretti as Nell Crain, Luke’s twin sister, and Timothy Hutton as the older version of Hugh Crain, the father, further deserve acknowledgement for their acting chops. Not to mention the entire child cast of all five siblings – the acting exuded from such young kids is remarkable, and I don’t think a single character in this show could have been portrayed with different people.

This show is a complete and utter mind f*ck, but it’s done in a vivid, dramatic, emotional, traumatic, chilling and fascinating manner. The creator, Mike Flanagan, is a friggen mastermind, and if this dude doesn’t come up with more stuff in the near future, I’m going to be rather disappointed.

I read reviews that this show was making people faint from pure terror, but I find this extremely hard to believe. Yes, the show is scary at times, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the story of a broken, damaged family who must face their demons in their many ways in order to escape the madness of Hill House and figure out what’s true and what isn’t, once and for all.

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