I have always enjoyed sports. From a young age, my mom enrolled my sister and I in so many different sports and activities, and I am sure that I have her to thank for my affiliation with sports.


In grades seven and eight, I was on my elementary school’s soccer, basketball, and volleyball team, and I always participated in Track and Field. My favourite event was long-jump, and Tract and Field was always a blast because my best friend and I would compete against each other to try and win first in everything. She would usually beat me out, but I still reign champion of the grade eight 200 meter dash.

I was on my high school volleyball team in grades nine and ten, and I did Track and Field every year in high school. I certainly did not do nearly as well at track meets in high school as I did in elementary school, likely because my grade eight class consisted of twelve kids. Yes, twelve. Competition was limited. So, yeah, high school Track meets were a bit of a wake up call for me.

I remember being in grade nine and being so hesitant to try out for the rugby team. I had never played rugby before, and I had no clue how the game worked. My Dad is actually to thank for pushing me to give rugby a try. I went to try-outs, had my ass handed to me, and much to my surprise I made the team.

I was a very shy player in grade nine. I didn’t like receiving the ball, and I only tackled when absolutely necessary. From what I can remember I basically just ran around the field and tried to make it look like I was doing something remotely useful. Towards the end of my grade nine season, I got the ball in one of our games, and just started blindly running. I was panicking, because I had no clue what to do, but my legs just kind of acted of their own accord and kept me moving. I didn’t get too far, but that was the first time I ever ran with the ball in a game, and I loved it.

My grade ten season was where I really started getting into the sport and making more of an effort out on the pitch. In grade nine I played lock, and in grade ten I was ‘promoted’ to Eight-Man, which is the position I played all the way through to grade twelve. I was captain in grades ten and twelve, and won MVP in grades ten and twelve as well.

Rugby was a huge part of my high school career. Looking back, I am so grateful that my Dad pushed me to try out, and I am even more grateful I happened to catch that pass in that grade nine game. It’s kind of what sparked my love for the sport. I don’t play rugby anymore, but I do miss it a lot, and I think it’s a great opportunity to make friends and build skills that you really can’t learn anywhere else.

As always, thanks for reading. :)

– Lauren

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